DMX dip switch calculator

This page will help you to work out the correct dip switch settings for DMX addressing.

DMX address

This calculator will work for units which use "normal" dmx addressing. If your units use "block" addressing, you need to work it out yourself. Some units do not have switch 10 or may use it for another function, or may have switch 9 as part of a separate switch bank.

Downloadable dip switch calculator

Now we've got a handy downloadable version of our dip switch calculator which you can use without needing a connection to the internet. You'll need Flash 8 or higher to run it.

Click here to download stand-alone exe version for PC (exe file 686K)

Click here to download shockwave flash file for other platforms (swf file 35K) - you might need to do "save as" to save it.

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