Welcome to Sabre Technology

We specialise in custom design of electronic devices. Whether you have in mind a new product which will sell millions, or require a one-off gadget to control your latest project, we can do it.

We are very good at translating exciting ideas into working products without the need for mountains of paperwork, and will work closely with you to get the result you were expecting.

Between us we have over 40 years of experience in all areas of electronic design and software. We use the latest CAD systems to  produce designs rapidly and economically and can build prototypes and one-off systems in our workshop, or pass the design to you for manufacturing.

We deliberately choose to remain a small company because we feel that this gives us much more flexibility and allows faster responses than a large business.

We have strong links to the professional sound and lighting industry and have designed several major product ranges for this field, but equally we have also designed products in a variety of other markets and a range of one-offs for museums and art installations.

If you think we might be able to help you, give us a call (see Contact Us page) and we will talk through the possibilities and give you a rough cost.

Sabre Technology is a member of the Electronics Yorkshire industry group.


Please note: We do not sell electronic components. There are several other Sabres out there who do that! Visit our Links page for some of the other Sabres you might be looking for.

Posted by Tim Mitchell, expires 24/09/2006.