LED sign system 500mm display strip

The 500mm sign strip is fixed side-by-side in multiples to form the sign display. As a rough guide, six strips are required to display one letter (though this may vary a bit as some letters are wider than others).

The strips may be stacked vertically to give two (or more) line displays with no vertical gap between lines; however unless a special application such as double-height characters is required, it is advised to leave a gap of 200mm to make the display more readable.

The sign housing must provide fixing rails at 508mm centres to mount the strips. The mounting area of the fixing rail must be 8mm width (see drawing below). Fixing templates are provided which join the strips into "character modules" of 6 strips. Each module then only requires four fixing screws into the sign housing. This greatly reduces the amount of drilling required in the housing.

The total width of the sign will be (number of strips) x 63.5mm

The viewing angle of the display must be chosen to cover the required viewing area on the ground. The 20 degree LED is brighter when the viewer is exactly lined up with the sign, but is hardly visible at all if the viewer is more than 10 degrees off to either side (or below) the sign. 40 degree LEDs are recommended in most situations.