LED sign system control unit

The LED sign display strips are controlled by a power/control unit which would normally be located inside the sign housing.

For a time/temperature only sign controller, the time is set by a radio receiver module which ensures that the time display is always correct. There are no user connections to this type of controller.

For a message sign, an ethernet port is provided to connect the sign to a local area network. The messages are then programmed using a web browser from a computer connected to the network. A standard wireless access point can be used to connect the sign into the network if cabling to the sign is difficult.

An external temperature sensor is provided if a temperature display is required.

The controller incorporates a mains power supply which powers the sign from 80-260V mains power. Various sizes of power supply are available to suit different sizes of sign.

The controller can run signs of several hundred strips. Auxiliary power supplies will be needed for signs over 100 strips.